Should I Stage My Home if I’m Putting it on the Market?

If you’ve been thinking about putting your home on the market, then you’ve probably heard the term “home staging.” Staging is when you make your home more appealing to potential buyers by stripping down your personal décor and replacing it with a look that is neutral and appealing to buyers. In short, it’s making each room of your home look like a page from a catalog.

Staging is popular because it allows prospects to easily envision how their own décor would fit inside your home. Buyers like the idea of being able to move in with minimal remodeling. If your interior color scheme pulls from a bolder color palette, or if you’ve decorated each room in a theme, buyers may have a difficult time picturing themselves living there.

But do all of these rules apply when you’re selling your Smith Mountain Lake home? Let’s take a look at some of the biggest selling points in our market:

The View

A beautiful view of Smith Mountain Lake is an incredible asset. An interested buyer could easily overlook the color on your walls if they love the view of the water. The allure of Smith Mountain Lake is the lifestyle and having an attractive lakefront view makes all the difference.

The Location

A good percentage of buyers know exactly what they are looking for in a vacation or retirement home. “I want to be close to Westlake, shopping, and I need a waterfront view.” Or, “I prefer a condo on the south side of the lake, and I want breathtaking sunsets.” That said, if your property checks off most of their boxes, then buyers may overlook your décor.

The Price

You could have the best view on the lake and your décor could be immaculate, but if your home isn’t competitively priced with the market, a buyer will keep looking. An experienced real estate agent will help you determine a price that aligns with the current landscape.

The Takeaway

It’s a good idea to follow the basic rules of home staging. Clean off your countertops, organize your closets, and reduce clutter. The best rule of thumb is to work with an experienced local realtor who will advise you on what you should and shouldn’t do when putting your home on the market. Every home has a unique selling point. Your realtor will help you define your home’s most marketable asset while making suggestions on what you can do to increase interest.